I believe your photos should be joy-filled. Your photos should be real. And your photos should be timeless. This is a personal preference, but since you're here, you may agree. I have a feeling that in five years a lot of people will look at their wedding photos and say, "Why am I orange?" or "Why is everything so washed out?"

I will make you feel relaxed in front of the camera so you look and feel your absolute best. You'll forget you are even being photographed as I capture those beautiful moments and once-in-a-lifetime images that naturally happen between two people in love.


“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”

When two people really love to be together, it shows. And we love it.

Live for the Present Moment


I love documenting the day as it naturally unfolds. I don't believe in "shot lists" because I want to capture your unique day and all its quirks.

The Unexpected Moments


From the groomsman's unique boutonniere & cuff links to the fun party favors, I'm here to capture it all!

Unexpected Details

I'll never get tired of:

You will be guided into natural, flattering poses, that you feel comfortable and confident in, allowing the chemistry between you to be showcased. 

We work together together months in advance to lay out each moment of the day to best allow you to relax and focus on celebrating your love while allowing me the timeline to perfectly document it all.

From small skin imperfections, to color and lighting, each image you receive will be perfected ensuring nothing distracts from the story of your love. 

every image is meant to be frame-able

you will feel comfortable and the photos will show it

your day won’t feel like a never-ending photoshoot 

every photo you receive will be touched up


4 things I Promise

Your final wedding gallery will be beautifully cohesive in quality and style, allowing for the full story of your wedding day to be re-lived over and over again. 

Holly was so relaxed but also confident. Although she had incredible responsibilities she wasn’t going crazy and that was of great value to me. Seeing her calm and composed when everyone was all “go go go” was priceless. She knew her poses and didn’t struggle setting us up. Perfect mix of assertive and calm. In all seriousness I would 100% recommend Holly.”

“She had a clear vision of what she wanted to capture but also let us have the freedom to pose ourselves and make decisions. 

Saea & Luke


She was always quick to reply to any emails or questions, and she really listened to our vision for our wedding photos. Not only did our pictures turn out beautifully, she was a pleasure to be around on our wedding day and made me, my husband, and the wedding party feel comfortable. We can’t recommend her enough!"

“We hired Holly for both our engagement & our wedding, and we couldn’t be more pleased! She is a true professional and so talented. 

Kate & Cory


She did an amazing job & we were so happy with how all the pictures came out. I loved everything that she did and brought to our wedding. She was easy-going. Very professional. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer!"

“Holly was extremely flexible with the enviornment & scenery which allowed for the perfect photos.

Elisa & Dustin