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Elegant New England Winter Wedding

Feb 15, 2019

Temperatures were far below freezing. All night and the morning of the wedding, snow and freezing rain came heavily down. Connecticut never looked more dreamy in this winter wonderland. Each tree branch and New England home was covered with sparkling icicles. The ground blanketed with a fresh layer snow. However, the blizzard was intense. It was a large hindrance to all wedding guests traveling. While many friends and family were not able to make it due to this northeast blizzard, the wedding went on. And if you were present, you felt the warmth of Elisa and Dustin’s love and joy that entire day! Inside the gorgeous, white tiered mansion, Wadsworth Mansion, was a large celebration of family, both new and old. It was an elegant, classy New England winter wedding. Oh what a night!
Elisa, in all of her radiant beauty, was calm and having the time of her life. I loved so much how she didn’t get caught up in the wedding details and decor of her big day. (I mean, her bouquet flowers were bought at the store the morning of and her twin sister just whipped together an elegant bouquet in about 10 minutes!! Talk about low maintenance!). Yet, her wedding couldn’t have been more elegant. Elisa was more focused on being present with her family and friends as they all got ready and anticipated the ceremony. After the ceremony she came up to me and asked if that instead of taking more pictures if she could continue to greet and talk with all of her guests. What a sweet hear! Her and Dustin just wanted to be present with the people they loved and called family. And boy, were they loved in return. The many hugs and words of encouragement and congratulations that were exchanged made the whole night all so meaningful. How Dustin and Elisa were celebrated that night truly reveals what wonderful people they are. Keep scrolling down to see how lovely their elegant, classy New England winter wedding was.

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